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Every time winter comes around, I always wonder what the heck was I wearing last year to stay warm. Funnily enough I never figure it out, either that or it’s my inner shopping addict that just wants new threads. Eventually I cave, but it’s not without genuine consideration to what will actually be a wardrobe asset (something I’m trying hard to pay more attention to as my room becomes a clutter fest). As far as winter essentials go, a long-line coat is definitely one. With its longer length silhouette it offers instant sophistication with versatility for dressing up or down. For lovers of casual style, opt for relaxed tailoring or drapery but if you’re like me and love a more structured look, a tailored collar is the go to.

The good news is, this shape is everywhere this season and you don’t have to spend a fortune on it.Almost every high street brand has the longline coat as part of its winter collection.

Wearing: Cotton On coat, Witchery knit, Zara jeans, New Balance running 996.

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