IMG_7793IMG_7771-2IMG_7838 We’ve been through the cycle of living it, loving it and cringing it. Now, thankfully the 90’s has developed into fond throwbacks both in fashion and culture. While the sweet sounds of mmmbop and backstreet’s back may not have made it back onto everyone’s playlist, there’s a lot to love about the resurgence of 90s fashion. Admittedly my look isn’t 100% 90s, here I’ve mixed it in with a touch of 70s for a chic take on the typically grunge trend.

Here’s my top 5 trend comebacks that are safe to embrace.

A line mini skirts

For lovers of Clueless, you’ll remember this look well. As worn by our 90s idol, Cher Horowitz aren’t we all just secretly excited the hot high-school look is back? While yellow tartan looked great on her, if you’re buying into the trend today, mix it with a boho feel and opt for a tan suede or denim skirt for a sophisticated take on this trend.

CK Jeans logos

Who could forget the dreamy CK jeans campaigns of the 90s? The epitome of cool at the time, the pretentious CK Jeans logo has every right to slip its way back into our wardrobe. Effortlessly cool, if you’re going to get on the 90s label bashing band wagon, this is the one to go with.

Choker necklaces

Nothing says 90s style icon like the tattoo choker necklace. Made cool by almost every female popstar taking over MTV, this stretchy plastic accessory had quite the fashion following. Naturally as the 90s is becoming cool again, it’s found its way back around the necks of the modern women.

Denim jackets

Did they ever go away? Not really, but the oversize vintage wash for a bit of 90s grunge is the way to wear it. Complete the look with a tartan flannel shirt tied around your waist and some Doc Martens for the ultimate 90s grunge nostalgia.

Crop tops

Popularised by the likes of Brittany and Christina, the crop top was the cool girl’s lust item (if the parents ever permitted it). Now we’re all a little bit older and wiser, the crop top’s resurgence hasn’t been a bad thing, looking much more sophisticated paired with pencil skirts and tailored trousers that’ll be sure to get the old’s approval.

Wearing: Denim skirt from ASOS, vintage Lee denim jacket, skinny scarf from ASOS, Wittner boots, Coach bag

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