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Exactly 1 month ago (July 6 2016) I was flying into Santorini, my first destination of what has been an amazing month long adventure. Like anyone heading on holiday, I spent a lot of time planning and researching and thanks to reviews, blogs and the like, I managed to book what I thought was a bang on successful trip.

So to pay it forward, here’s a run down how I spent my time in the Greek Island plus a few recommendations.

Accommodation: New Haroula, Fira 

This hotel is perfect for those a budget but still want something nice. The pool was amazing, simple rooms but clean and comfortable. The location was perfect, just a 5 minute walk up to the central town area.

Travelling with a group of friends, staying in Fira over Oia was definitely a good decision. There’s a lot more happening in Fira, it’s slightly cheaper and a good central base to explore the island.

We hired quad bikes (a must-do if you want to see the island properly), costing 35 Euro for 24 hours. We spent a day exploring the beaches, none which I really rate apart from Red Beach.

Must do: Watch the sunset in Oia. The sunset is most spectacular from Oia and takes about 25 mins via quad bike from Fira. There are also buses that run the route if you dont feel comfortable driving a quad.

Also try the local beer, I quickly became addicted to Volkan – it’s delicious.

After 3 nights in Santorini (which was a good amount of time to see most things) we headed over to Ios then finished in Mykonos.

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Accommodation: Lofos Village

Tossing up between staying at Far Out Beach Club or in Ios town? Let’s just say if you’re above the age of 27, you’ll probably prefer the town area.

We did an afternoon at Far Out Beach Club then the dinner and the clubs out in Ios town. Far Out felt very young and while I’m glad we went along to experience it, I would never go back. There are so many more restaurants and clubs in Ios town, it’s a much better location in my opinion.

Must-do: Pathos Sunset Lounge. A ridiculously gorgeous outdoor bar that gets the best view of the sunset, complete with an infinity pool. Be warned it’s expensive, so go around 7pm in time for 1 cocktail (10-14 Euros each) and the sunset at 8.30pm.


Accommodation: Paradise View Hotel

If you want to be close but not in the thick of the Paradise Beach party scene, this hotel is perfect. It’s family owned and the owner, George runs the reception to personally greet guests. The hotel is beautiful, clean and has a great pool area. I loved staying here, but would’ve preferred somewhere closer to town. Getting the bus in and out is hard with so many tourists, there were a few times we couldn’t get on.

Must-do: Cavo Paradiso Club 

During peak season, they have big name DJs almost every night. It’s a cool club but expensive, so don’t get there too early unless you have money to burn.

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