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Florals for spring? Groundbreaking. But no, not really as Miranda Priestly implies. What is groundbreaking is this floral jacket – a contemporary take on what can easily become a tacky trend if done wrong. To my satisfaction, have found just the one.

During one of my many shopping escapades in Barcelona earlier in July, I was instantly drawn to the soft floral jacket from Zara. It’s got that pajama-esque style with a tie waist and the perfect length that’s super flattering.

While I love wearing jeans, I don’t like the look of my thighs in a skinny leg. My solution, add another layer. This longline top by Thurley is a perfect light layering piece to create that flattering streamline shape. Playing with proportion is an easy way to make an interesting outfit, so my tip is to always look at how you can mix different lengths and layers.

Outfit details: Zara jacket, Thurley top, Zara jeans, Coach bag, Zara shoes

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